is a full-service open-source centric software development company that builds custom web and mobile applications, using cutting-edge technologies.

Your project starts long before we write any code. During our software development process, we help you to determine objectives and goals to determine the requirements.

We provide an estimate of the project that is outlined by the requirements. Once we agree on the financial terms and sign the contract, we start the development of your software by using the requirements document.

Our programmers develop the software process and application to your specifications.

We place the application on a test website while in the development phase so you can view the work and participate in the software testing phases.

When the application is developed, it will require testing by your internal staff. We work directly with your personnel to fine tune the application to insure that the software will meet your needs.

The final step of our software development process is to put the application in its production environment and to start training your staff on how to use it. We also continue to support the application long after you start using it.

We guarantee the application by fixing bugs or errors free of charge.

Our stack is primarily Python + JavaScript, but we use whatever the best tool for the job is when we have to, and we are hiring for all skill levels. Our spirit of ‘can do’ and desire to find the best solution to every work has helped us to create many outstanding software products.

Some of them are a Digital Door and Locker Security System for Fitness Centers, a Chatbot and Call Center Complex Management System, a Multiple Sites Up/Down Checker with Telegram Bot, a Point Of Sale (POS) System, Accounting Systems, and many more.

Web Application Development


Web Application Development

We create websites and web applications that are functional and standards-based. Years of experience designing web applications have taught us the best way to begin new projects. Send us your requirements, and we will go through them and give you our professional opinion on how to best get started. Before any development is done, it is important that we understand your goals and priorities. We encourage you to spend time with us discussing your vision. Working through a detailed process, we ensure that every site we build is organized intuitively, designed tastefully, and programmed flawlessly.

Mobile Application Development

We can build your mobile application starting from the initial concept, to wireframes, to designs and prototypes. We provide comprehensive services for mobile application development for all the main platforms including Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android, and more. We build mobile solutions improving your business effectiveness and efficiency. With our experience developing mobile applications, we have a strong knowledge base to guide you through the process of mobile application development.
Mobile Application Development